Friday Five: 2010-10-15

Making Awesome Dungeons

Mike Shea has some great advice on how to create logical dungeons. I remember, back in the day, where dungeons existed purely to drop monsters and their loot in the rooms and be damned the logical connections on why an Aboleth lived next door to a Medusa. Modern gamers require more logical connections in monster placement. Give it to them!

First Time GM – Game Prep II – Techniques

Here is more great advice for any GM, not just the first timers. There are details in this post on what to do before, during and after a gaming session. Good stuff for the newbies and the experienced GMs alike.

Warstories: Play Your Guy Right!

Bah. This is one of my hot buttons. I hate it when a player tells another player how to run their character. The only time I find this acceptable is when the targeted player is a newbie and explicitly asks for advice on what to do next. NewbieDM has a great post on this very topic.

The Architect DM: The Inverse Office Dungeon

I had never thought of doing this, so that’s why I’m linking to it. If you’re dry on ideas for a dungeon, inverse a building that you’re familiar with and pack it full of logically placed critters. Good stuff!

Two Ways to Do Hidden Checks

There are times when hidden checks are necessary to keep the suspense of an area up. Here are a couple of ways of approaching the problem. I’m still a big fan of allowing the GM to roll the dice and keep the results secret. More work for the GM, but that’s what he’s there for.

300. And no, not muscled men with hard abs.

… and a sixth link. Congrats to NewbieDM for making it to 300 posts of high quality stuff! In his 300th post, he links to some of his own articles that were the most popular over time. The link salad is well worth a look in case you missed some of his better articles in the past.