Friday Five: 2010-11-19

How to Read Minds: Body Language at the Gaming Table

Ever wonder what your players are thinking about your game, and they won’t come out and say it…. Well, just read their body language. Yax has a great break down on body language that will help you at the gaming table, during presentations and at meetings at work. It’s good stuff to know.

10 Good Reasons to Play D&D

If you ever get grief for playing a “kid’s game,” then break out this list! There’s some great reasons to play D&D (or any other RPG for that matter) here, and make sure to check out the comments for a few more suggestions to the list.

Gaming Definitions And The Idiocy Of Scholars

What is gaming? Well, it seems like some scholars out there have tried to quantify gaming. It’s rough to do because it’s different for everyone. The 6 “definitions of gaming” seem a little trite to me, and the author of the blog agrees. Go check out his words on the matter.

Keeping a DM Log

I always keep a GM log when I’m running a game. Depending on the game, it may be jotted notes or an entire journal of events. For a long-running campaign that I had a long time ago, I kept a very detailed description of all events as the players saw it and then embedded my own GM notes that only I could see when I logged in with a special username and password. Yep, I’m a software engineer; why do you ask?

Review: Dragon Chess

I love chess in almost every form. I was on the chess team in high school, and I even placed 4th in the state championships when I was a freshman in high school. The game has a special place in my heart, so when I see new derivatives of the game, I’m always eager to check them out. I may have to add this game to my Christmas wish list. Thanks for the review, Ameron!