Friday Five (and more!): 2010-12-03

For missing last week’s Friday Five, I’m giving you 11 links today. There are 7 from last week and 4 from this week. Here we go!

More Map Love: Wilderness Maps!

Check out the post that had a link to tons of fantastic wilderness maps. I’m all about maps. I love them. I collect them. I make them. I’m think I was a cartographer in a previous life. That’s why this post/link is so exciting to me.

40 Great Name Resources, Lists and Generators

Who doesn’t love a list of great resources? I’ve bookmarked this post in hopes that it stays around for a long time, so I can use it as a reference point for name and list generators.

Hot Button: Random Characters

I have a love/hate relationship with random characters. I generally walk into character generation with a specific character type/idea in mind and totally randomizing stats, skills and other abilities can blow away my concept from the start. I really love character point-build systems like Hero and GURPS over anything else. However, there are times when I just draw a blank on a character concept. When this happens, I’ll totally jump into a character randomizer and see what happens.

Miniature Painting for the Absolute Beginner

I love painting miniatures, but it’s so damn time consuming. This guide has helped me streamline my efforts and make them work better. If you’re just getting into this (almost) vital part of role playing, I encourage you to check out the link.

Taking The Initiative: 4 Methods

There are a number of ways to track initiative once it’s rolled. Here are 4 of them for you in case you haven’t thought of any of them just yet. I’ve used them all, but my favorite is to use some web-based software that I wrote a long time ago.

5 Tips For Running Long-Term Epic Campaigns

I’ve only run a few campaigns that I would consider “long-term” or “epic.” Those are the most memorable campaigns that I’ve ever run, but the shorter ones that I’ve done are equally also rewarding. If I ever get a chance to pull off another epic campaign, I’ll make sure to use these 5 tips. I already do some of them anyway, but they’re still good reminders on how to be effective at things.

GM Mistake: Using Single Thugs To Spy on the PCs

Ever need to have someone follow the PCs around town? Don’t have a solo NPC do it. There’s all sorts of things that go wrong. The “GM Mistake” over at Roleplaying Tips details this topic further.

Thank You, Ryan Dancey

I always wondered who was directly responsible for the rebirth of role playing when the OGL was created and D&D 3.0 came out…. Now I know.

Hot Button: Language, The Common Denominator?

I’ve always had a problem with the “Common” language, but it’s so damn convenient that I can’t bring myself to get rid of it from the game. This post talks about some pros and cons of having the Common tongue in your world/game.

Stop Abusing Dragons!

I love this post by Ameron! It details my exact feelings about dragons. I also feel the same about demons, devils, elementals, most outsiders, angels and a slew of other things. Go check out this top-notch post!

How To Return From A Gaming Hiatus In 5 Simple Steps

It’s rare that I’ve taken a long break from a campaign and then returned to it. It just happens that way for me. Wimwick has 5 great steps for doing just this. Go check it out!