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Huh. I can’t count. I only have four links for this week. It’s been a crazy week for me, so there may be some stories throughout the week that I missed or forgot to bookmark. Anyway, here are the links for the week:

What’s In Your Inventory?

Wimwick has a great post about what you should find in an adventurer’s pack. I love his small sampling of equipment because it very nearly mirrors what I put in my characters’ packs.

Hot Button: Dice Pools

I love dice pools. Yeah. They can slow down the game a bit more than using a single die to determine an outcome, but rolling lots of dice is a ton of fun. The first time I saw a dice pool in action was playing Champions and a guy unleashed a huge number of dice in a ranged blast NKA .Tons of dice were tossed down and we had to check for 5’s and 6’s for killing damage done and add them all up. It was loads of fun!

Always Leave Them Wanting More

What’s the best part about cliffhangers at the end of a book, chapter, TV show or act in a play? Everyone is excited for more. Do this to your players and they’ll find every excuse to skip out on that funeral, wedding, network integration or football game and make it to the next game.

Rules Mastery For Dummies & Busy GMs Part 2: Getting Enthusiastic About Rules

Some people have a hard time just reading the rules flat out as if the rulebook were a novel. I get that. I’m not one of those people, but I always understand it when people claim that the rules are too complex to too daunting to read, let alone memorize. That’s when I tell them that the only reading that is required can be limited to the pages that directly affect their character’s race/class/powers/feats/spells/skills/whatever. This tends to lighten the load quite a bit and allows them to better understand the game and have more enjoyment while at the table.

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