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How to Run Killer Zombie Campaigns

Who doesn’t love zombies? Who doesn’t love hunting/killing zombies? Who doesn’t love running from zombies? Ok. Maybe not the last one. Need some ideas on how to run a good zombie game? Head over to Roleplaying Tips and see what other people have to say on the topic.

The Game Outside The Game

What do you do to prep for the next session after the last one has ended? I’m not talking to the GMs here. I’m talking to the players. Do you create characters, make spell lists, pick your next feat/skill/power/ability/whatever? Maybe you’re the artistic type and can draw a sketch of your character, other characters or the party as a whole. While you may not be at the table with your group, you’re still gaming.

What Do You Do When Your D&D Game Is Cancelled?

When most of us can get together, but there’s not enough for the RPG, then we play other games. It used to be Munchkin, but we stopped that a long while back (but may return to to it.) For a long time, we played Arkham Horror or Settlers of Catan. Lately, we’ve turned to more traditional card games (like Hollywood Rummy) or the PS3. What do you do when you can get together, but can’t play your RPG?

Rules Mastery For Dummies & Busy GMs Part 3: Student, Tutor Thyself

Mike has some fantastic advice on how to learn a new system, re-acquaint yourself with an old game or just brush up on the rules. I’m more of a “read the book cover-to-cover” kind of guy, but for more complex systems (GURPS, Hero, etc.) then using Mike’s approach is probably best.

A Beginner’s Primer on Probability: Part 2

Since I linked to the first part in one of my Friday Fives, I figured I should link to the second part as well. This isn’t the only reason I’m linking to it. Probability and chance rules just about every game played since the dawn of man. It’s important to at least know the basics, if not the full details.

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