Friday Three: 2010-12-24

I’ve only got three links for this week. Most of the posts this week were retrospectives, reposts of quality submissions from this year or holiday greetings. Not much fodder this week for linkage. This will probably be the run of the course until the new year. That’s OK, though. Everyone needs a break from things from time-to-time and there’s no better season for doing it than around Christmas.

Greatest Hits 2010: 5 Errors I’ve Made as DM

I’ve linked to this one before, but it’s worth linking to again. I’ve always been a fan of learning from mistakes, especially other peoples’ mistakes. Enjoy the link!

A Frustrating Season

I’m with Zach on this one. It’s rough to game this time of year. Weather, family, holidays, out of town visitors and gaming group members going out of town all make for a hard time keeping the regular game going. I just started a new campaign a little over a month ago, and we’ve only had one session. I’m frustrated by this, but there’s not much that can be done other than to wait for the new year and hope that nasty winter weather doesn’t keep people trapped at home.

Johnny’s Five – Five Ways To Overcome Combat Haus Characters In Combat

I love this post. I have a few folks in my gaming group that gear their characters towards effective combat monsters and not much else. It’s frustrating for me since anything I bring to the table that may challenge them will insta-kill a “regular” member of the party. Johnny has a great list of things that I can do to even up the playing field quite a bit. Thanks, Johnny!