Friday Five: 2011-01-21

We’ve got six links this week because two of them are closely related. Enjoy!

Creating a One-Shot Adventure

I’ve always been more of a medium-to-long-term campaign kind of guy. I’m just not very good at building out a one-shot adventure. The Bonemaster over at RPG Blog II has a great post on how to prepare for this, get the players setup and run a great one-shot!

Adventure Hooks: Campaigns in the Cold (Part 1)

Normally, I don’t link to list style posts, but there are some great ideas in this post. I may even use a few of them.

The Architect DM: Progress in Your Game World

Lessons From The West Wing III: Time Happens In The Background

These two links are related, so I’m putting them together. It’s great to keep in mind that your world is not static while the players are away. Things change even if the “camera” is pointed elsewhere. Remember to integrate these types of changes and subtle shifts into your world to help create a more diverse and realistic environment for the players.

Keeping The Focus

It’s rough to keep geeks focused on the game. It’s like we all have ADHD or something. Here are some good tips from DNAPhil on the matter.

Tablet Computing and Active Game Play

How is technology going to change our tabletop gaming experiences? In many ways it already has! I use my netbook (because it’s small and unobstrousive) to track initative for our group when we’re gaming. I’m thinking about expanding the software (it’s really just a JavaScript driven DHTML application) to include HP and status indicators. I’ve been in games where a projector was setup and a python-based piece of software was used to track all of that data and more. How about tablets? I think they’ll probably become as ubiquitous as laptops sooner rather than later, and this will cause a shift as more quality RPG apps show up in the Apple and Android markets. I think this is a great time to be a techno-centric gamer. How about you?