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Sorry for the lateness of this post. I knew it was going to happen due to other things happening in life. I’ve tossed in an extra link as an apology.

Useful GURPS Material

It’s not secret that I love GURPS. Bat in the Attic has a great post that links to some fantastic GURPS resources. If you’re a GURPS player, check it out.

Three Examples for Ending a Battle Early

Sometimes battles can drag on and on and on while the PCs beat the snot out of the last remaining Bad Guys. It can also be reversed! There could be some secret to killing off, chasing away or imprisoning the Bad Guys when they are overly powerful as compared to the PCs. I love these types of encounters because I get to… have to… think beyond the normal, “Can I move in there to get flank without causing an attack of opportunity?” If you want to see what I’m talking about, click the link!

City Government Power Bases – War and Military plus Software Giveaway

The software giveaway is over already, but still check out the post to see how the military can run a city.

Divinations – Is Some Magic Just Too Powerful for PCs?

As a player and as a GM, I have divinations. It puts the GM on the spot in a hard way. The smaller spells that give a +X bonus to a certain dice roll are fine with me, but the ones that force the GM to attempt to predict the future that get under my skin. It’s impossible to tell what the PCs are going to do, how the dice will roll out and where the plot will go without railroading the players and taking over the game as a raw storyteller. Ameron seems to agree with me on this point, but go check out the post anyways. He goes into much greater detail than I do here.

DM Dilemma: Charm Person

I love how ChicagoWiz handled this instance of charm person. Many people seem to think that a charmed being is nothing more than a puppet on strings to be controlled by the master. This is so not the case. You just simply can’t order someone to go against their strong will or natural habits. If you want see what makes me a fan of handling charm person in the way ChicagoWiz, follow the link.

Splitting the Party

I love it when the PCs split the party. It ups the challenge for me as the GM and makes the game much more interesting for me. I also get to pick on the players by overwhelming their characters with fights and challenges that would be easy for the entire group, but are more difficult with their diluted forces. NewbieDM has some great words on the matter and makes some good points. The hardest part about a split part is the “idle hands” (NewbieDM’s words, not mine) and how to keep them from disrupting the game. I’ve got some ideas on the matter, but they won’t fit in this tiny little summary. Perhaps I’ll make a real blog post sometime in the near future.

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