Blogroll Updated 2

I’ve updated the blogroll on the left sidebar to include all of the RSS feeds that I follow (plus a few more sites that I visit regularly.) I’ve also removed a few blogs that are now dead and gone. There are probably millions of RPG blogs that I’m missing. Of those millions, a few hundred are worth reading. If you see something missing from my blogroll that you think I might be interested in, please drop me a line or comment here. I’d greatly appreciate any tips for great RPG musing, news, tables, maps, charts or just random mental wanderings.

2 thoughts on “Blogroll Updated

  1. Dyson Logos Apr 13,2011 11:48 AM

    If you are looking for Maps and Random Tables, check out my blog – A Character For Every Game. I post at least one map a week (on Friday), and I aim to have one random table up a week (on Thursday).

  2. Hungry Apr 13,2011 11:55 AM


    Thanks for the link! I’ll add it to the Blogroll and my RSS reader. I love me some good maps. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

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