Friday Five: 2011-05-06

How to manage a sandbox campaign: The pre-game

Running a sandbox game and need to “prep?” This lengthy post over at Bat in the Attic can help guide you. When I’ve run a sandbox game in the past, I’ve rarely prepped. I just show up and let my players do pretty much anything they think their characters can pull off… including selling a boat that they didn’t even own. That was a great night of gaming!

A Month Of Awesome Maps – RPG Cartography Carnival

Holy Cow! My link salad is pointing to RPG Blog Carnival’s link salad that points to so many mapping resources that I’ve not had a chance to get through all of them yet. This post rocks because of the massive amount of maps and information linked to in one spot. Can’t wait to finish going through the links later next week!

OD&D Origin of THAC0 in 1978

I’ve always wondered where THAC0 came from. Now I know. If you follow the link, you’ll know as well.

City Government Power Bases – Religion

How does religion affect city governments? Well, I could recap the post, but I wouldn’t do it justice. Let’s just say that it can affect things in more ways than I imagined!

The Cigar-Box GMing Screen , Six Months Later

This is an intriguing idea, but not for me. I prefer the good old GM screen, so that I have tons of references at my fingertips. The best GM screen I ever had (which I’ve lost through the ages) was one that I made myself for Cyberpunk 2020. Because I hand-wrote all of the details that I taped to the cardboard stand-up, I learned quite a bit about the game. Thus, I rarely had to refer to it, and when I did, I knew exactly where on the screen the information was at.