Dundjinni and Hero Designer / Side-by-Side

As you may have guessed by now, I love maps and mapping software. This includes the (seemingly abandoned) Dundjinni. I also love playing GURPS and Hero and pretty much any other “point build” system. However, GURPS and Hero are complex enough that I find that using software (GURPS Character Assistant or HeroDesigner) really helps streamline character builds and exposes me to other options that I may have not otherwise noticed for my character.

I’m not sure what programming language GURPS Character Assistant is built in, but Dundjinni and HeroDesigner are Java programs. Here lies the problem… HeroDesigner requires at least Java 6 (or maybe 5?) to function properly. Dundjinni requires Java 4. Anything newer than that causes the software to not operate properly. The Dundjinni developers claim that there is a bug in the newer versions of Java. I firmly believe that the API changed in some class that they use and since the software is no longer being developed, they can’t bring it “up to spec” to use the new API.

That’s neither here nor there. I want to use both pieces of software, but can’t… or can I?

Here are the basics of what I did to make both pieces of software happy:

  1. Install Java 4 (aka 1.4) in C:\Program Files\Java\java4
  2. Install Dundjinni
  3. Install Java 6 (aka 1.6) in C:\Program Files\Java\java6
  4. Install HeroDesigner
  5. Write a batch file (remember those???) to point Dundjinni to the 1.4 Java. See below for the batch file.
  6. Modify the Dundjinni desktop icon to point to the new batch file instead of the exe.
  7. Profit!

Here’s the batch file for those that need it. This took me about 20 minutes of Googling for answers and about a minute to write.

@echo off
set JAVA_HOME="C:\Program Files\Java\java4"
cd "C:\Program Files\Fluid\Dundjinni"
"C:\Program Files\Fluid\Dundjinni\dundjinni.exe"

I really hope this helps someone out there that wants to run the latest and greatest Java for everything, but still allow Dundjinni to work properly.