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Free Labyrinth Lord Online Utilities

Anytime someone creates a great computer utility to help streamline role playing and take some of the drudgery out of the game, I’m all for it. When they give it away for free, I’m all over it! This blog post over at Uhluht’c Awakens has a few links to some free Labyrinth Lord utilities for you folks that play that game. Go check it out!

Adventurous Professions: Cartographer

Many expeditions that were sent out into the “great unknown” held an important staff member: the cartographer. Many times this cartographer also served double duty as guide, interpreter, portman, soldier or whatever. Why were map makers so important to exploration? Without a good map, you really couldn’t get people to follow in your footsteps and finding your way back home would prove to be problematic at best. It’s not a large logical leap to have someone in the group be skilled in map-making.

Adventurers and Society

Like Cartographers in adventuring groups, how do Adventurers work in society? Well, according to the post over at Big Ball of No Fun, Adventurers can really tear things up (isn’t that their job after all?) or they can somehow be integrated into society at some level. I’m a fan of the latter, myself. It just makes sense that if there is a small percentage of people that can have a huge impact on the world at large that the rest of society bend and warp to bring them into the fold rather then pushing them to the fringes.

Big List of RPG Plots

This post over at Lawful Indifferent linked to this page that has a list of plot items that can be used alone or in conjunction with one another. It’s a great list for folks that are running dry on ideas in starting their campaigns. I highly recommend checking things out to get the creative juices flowing.

It’s not about the textbook, it’s about the students

How do “old school” and “new school” role players differ? Many of them contend that it is the game itself that makes the difference. This post by Gwydion disputes that assertion, and after reading his post, I have to agree with it. It’s not about what the system offers, but how it’s used. If a person wants to build the optimal collection of stats and powers, then they are most likely a “new school” gamer. If a person wants to create a cohesive, well-written and powerfully engaging (not merely powerful) character then they are most likely an “old school” gamer. These two viewpoints are not mutually exclusive, though. I fall firmly into the “old school” gamer area myself because I want my characters to belong to the world at large more than anything else. I want some level of cohesion between the world, my party and my background. However, I don’t want to play “Farmer Bob With The Wooden Pitchfork” to face down the terrors of a dragon rampaging the countryside. The power level of my characters is generally inconsequential to me, so long as they are at least competent at a few useful things.

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  1. Dennis Santana Jun 4,2011 8:24 AM

    Thank you for the link, and I am glad you enjoyed. Indeed, I plan to do more of this series and show more professions other than “desperate, somewhat crazy tramp” that are of use in an adventure.

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