Friday Five: 2011-06-17

I had 10 links bookmarked for this week’s Friday Five. All were fantastic, but here are the five that I chose to highlight and comment on. If there is interest (leave me a comment,) I’ll start an “honorable mention” section that will include the links, but little-to-no commentary from me. Let me know what you think!

Locations: Crossroads

Tim’s post brings out some great mythos about crossroads and what can possibly happen there. His list of encounters that can happen at a crossroads is fantastic. Tim barely touches on the legends of the meeting of two pathways. There is a great number of stories about crossroads. If you’re at a place where you’re stuck for an encounter or direction of a campaign, check out what’s on the Internet for the stories….

When the Sky was young.

I live out in the country. The nearest town to me is 10 miles away and it’s small town. The nearest big city is about 20 miles away. We have very little light pollution out here. When I take the trash can out to the road on Monday nights, I have to take a flashlight with me unless it’s a full moon. I’ve literally walked into our mailbox several times because I couldn’t see it despite being right up on it. While this may sound like a pain in the rear, it’s actually a blessing. We’re able to see amazing starscapes out here. The Milky Way is very clear and even the lower magnitude stars can be seen with binoculars or our high-power telescope. It’s great to turn off all of the lights and head outside, lay on my back and just stare up at the sky wondering what’s really up there. I imagine fantasy characters are typically in the same boat. Powerful stuff, the stars.

Should PCs Charge Other PCs for Services?

Nope. They’re a team. It would be like the linemen of a football team refusing to block the defense unless the quarterback coughed up a percentage of his treasure… er… salary. Just the mere thought of a player at the table “charging” another player for “services” makes me sick. It would actually lead to me leaving the group or kicking the player out. That’s how repulsive the notion is.

The True Secret of Improvising: You Are Reacting to the Players, & They Are Reacting to a Kickoff Event

I love improv games. I love running them because that way I can be just as surprised as the players when things unfold. Kicking things off with a catalyst is a fantastic idea. It gives everyone a common starting point and then the fun starts from there!

Should Monsters Employ Smart Tactics?

Are the monsters smart enough to employ tactics? If the answer is “yes” then the monsters should act with intelligence. If the group of monsters are brain-addled hyenas that escaped from a research facility, then they should probably act at random, for better or for worse.