Free RPG Day: We Be Goblins (Pathfinder)

Here’s the first review of Free RPG Day 2011 items. I’m not planning on doing them in any particular order. I’m just grabbing a book off the top of the pile and diving into the reading and reviewing.

The first review is of Paizo’s Pathfinder module entitled, “We Be Goblins!”

This module is a mix of Paranoia-style humor and fantasy role playing at its best. It pulls the players out of their comfort zones of being the standard fantasy fare heroes and turns them into potential champions of a small goblin tribe in the Brinestump Marsh just outside Sandpoint. With even a halfway decent GM, this short adventure (I’m guess that the run time would be 2-4 hours depending on how quickly combats are resolved) should be a hilarious endeavor.Free RPG Day 2011 -- Pathfinder: We Be Goblins

The artwork is well done, but the map could have been a little more clear on how to gain access from one level of the shipwreck to another. Like most Free RPG Day stuff, the adventure is pretty linear, but enough of the immediate area is described to allow for a little sandboxing to occur.

The thing I like best about this module is the four pregenerated characters. They’re well done with great descriptions and funny little songs that go with them.

The thing I like least about this module is that I cannot pick it up and run it by its lonesome. If I were to be handed this book, I’d also need the Pathfinder Core book and the Pathfinder Bestiary to complete the adventure. Sure, I could “wing it,” but to run the module properly, I need the supporting material. Many other Free RPG Day books at least give us enough to go on for rules and character stats and such to allow the book to stand alone. Of course, I said this about last year’s Paizo efforts. I guess they’re not listening to me. 🙂 Honestly, if they had included the full stat block of each creature in the module, then this complaint would vanish.

Grade: A- / The module is hilarious, well written and engaging. The monster stat blocks missing drops the grade a bit.