Friday Five: 2011-07-01

Saintly Saturday: Apodosis of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist

I’m linking to this post for one reason. It’s not the history lesson (which is really cool, btw,) but for the charts at the end for generating religious events and holidays. I’ve always wanted to add more of this to my world, and just never have. Now I have a top-notch tool to use (and modify for my own world) to do just this. Great work, FrDave! Thanks!

[Map] Hurren, City of the Elders

I love this old-school map of the city. It reminds me of the first maps of the cities of Forgotten Realms (except Waterdeep) that I saw back in my teenage years. Ah, the nostalgia. The streets, buildings, walls and river are clearly depicted. All that remains to be done is for someone to run with the map and detail it out with numbers, a legend and locations. *sigh* I just wish I had the time to make use of this kind of stuff and detail it out.

Don’t Touch My Dice

I used to be of a mind that no one touched my dice. I’ve gotten over it. What happened? I’m really not sure. I guess if I were gaming with strangers at a FLGS, then I’d be more of a mind that no one touches my stuff (including dice.) However, I’m gaming with a close group of friends, and if someone forgets their dice, I’ll gladly loan mine out. However the idea of buying a bucket of dice from Chessex to use as loaners appeals to me now that I know about that option.

The Game Doesn’t Remain The Same

Another *sigh* here. I wholeheartedly sympathize and agree with Zachary. I remember the days of gaming on end when I didn’t have another care in the world. Now, with a job, wife, kid, writing my second novel and running my critique group (and probably a few other things in there,) I just don’t have time (or a group willing) to play for 18 hour marathon session, four days in a row. I still love my gaming, but I wish I could go back to the days of endless gaming.

Farstead: An Adventurer’s Charter

I’ve heard of adventurer’s charters and seen them used in a game before, but it’s always been a nebulous, “We have a charter, thank you very much.” Never before have I seen a charter detailed before, and this one posted by Callin is a fantastic charter for an adventuring group. I think it’s a fantastic thing! Now to see about putting it to use in my fantasy world. Thanks for sharing that charter, Callin!