Free RPG Day: Hollow Earth Expedition

Another fine Free RPG Day submission from the folks at Exile Game Studio. They did a great job last year, and I believe the year before was a good submission.

The rule explanations on the first three pages were just right for running the adventure as a stand-alone book. No other purchases and requirements (other than dice and people to play with) exist. It may seem like three pages couldn’t possibly cover a complete role playing system with any adequacy, but it does. Trust me.Free RPG Day 2011 -- Hollow Earth

Following the rules run-down, there’s a well written adventure that consumes seven pages of the book. The adventure’s storyline starts off strong and then opens up into a miniature sandbox in which the players can do whatever they want. There are some very obvious choices about what the PCs should do, and the book covers all of those aspects. If the players really run amok in Hollow Earth, then GM will have to flex his creativity and roll with the punches.

The last six pages of the book contain three characters that can be used to play in the adventure. I wish there had been at least one more pregenerated character, but three should suffice. A good GM with more than three players (and without the main Hollow Earth book(s)) should be able to create some new characters based off of what he sees in the examples.

Grade: A+ / A strong explanation of rules combined with three characters being run through a well-written adventure that can be completed in a night make for a fantastic submission by Exile Game Studio.