Friday Five: 2011-07-29

The DMPC Question

The DMPC is like a PC, but is run by the DM. I’ve done this before and it was nearly disastrous. The group ended up creating a party without an arcane spellcaster, and I felt like I needed to fill the gap because of the way the prepublished adventure was designed. They needed an arcane caster to complete the adventure, and I didn’t feel like spilling the beans to the group or forcing someone to play something they didn’t want to play. Instead, I ran a DMPC in the group. In the end, I (the DM as PC) was the hero of the adventure because my “PC” was the only one that could complete the final, vital steps of the adventure. It totally stole the glory from the group, and I’m very sorry for that. I doubt that I’ll ever again do this.

My Top 5 FRPG Artists – Number 4 – Peter Fenlon

These are some fantastic maps by Peter Fenlon. I had seen some of them before, but seeing them all in a single web collection showed me how impressive his work is.

The Architect DM: Nations as Character Backgrounds

One of the better games that I played was telling the players that they will be adventuring in nation X, but banning them from having a background that started in said nation. I told them that the final stages of their background would draw them into the nation. It was a hoot! Each person had their own culture, language and expectations about things should be done. The role playing involved was top notch! I can’t wait to do something like that again.

A potpourri of quick solutions: Eight Lifeboats for GM Emergencies

In a tight spot as a GM? Maybe these eight items will be just right for you as advice on how to get out of the fire and back into the frying pan!

In Anticipation of GenCon: Convention Tips 6 for Players, 6 for DMs

There are tons of pieces on advice on how to stay clean, healthy, happy, engaged and entertained at a conference. This is one such post. I’ll probably always link to these types of posts because conventions can be really stressful on the heart, mind and body. Anything that makes the trip smoother is worth a read.