Free RPG Day: Under the Rose (Exalted)

Wow. This Free RPG Day adventure for the Exalted system by White Wolf jumps right into the adventure and keeps on running. I was a little taken aback by this development as I was expecting some form of introduction to the game, the system, the setting or the general feel of the game system. None of that was to be found, so it took me a bit to get into the adventure. There was quite a bit of assumed knowledge on the part of the book, so I found myself lost from time-to-time while grok’ing the adventure.Free RPG Day 2011 -- Exalted

Despite the fact that I felt lost at time (and I’m sure that if I knew the Exalted genre/feel/system/etc. that it would have been fine,) the adventure was well written, very thorough and looks like a hoot to play.

After the 23 page adventure concluded, there were five pregenerated characters for use within the system. The characters were prefaced with a short blurb about their power level, so that an existing group or Storyteller could inject this adventure into an ongoing Exalted campaign or series. That’s a key piece of information considering the power level for the adventure is quite a bit higher than the “just beginning” level that is normally found in most freebies.

The five characters are packed with crunchy knowledge, but very little fluff on how the character’s attitudes are supposed to be played. This is kind of odd coming from White Wolf which is known for their top-notch fluff. (If you don’t know what I mean about crunch vs. fluff, then hit Google and type it in. There’s a wealth of information [and opinions] on the matter.)

Grade: B- / They didn’t include rules or enough information for this to be a stand-alone, but the writing is so well done that the grade gets a bump up from the standard ‘C’ that I give folks that don’t allow me to run a freebie stand-alone.