My GM Merit Badge

Stuart over at Strange Magic posted this blog with a list of merit badges for GMs and tons of people have jumped on the bandwagon. In an effort to be part of the droves, I’m posting the one merit badge that I think best exemplifies my gaming style as a GM.

I didn’t choose this particular badge because I hide my style from my players. Rather, it represents the shifting nature of how I run a game. Sometimes there is mystery. Sometimes (though rarely) thereĀ  is PvP action. Sometimes I follow the book like it’s the Holy Bible and other times I invoke “rule zero” just to make the game run smoother.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s hard to stick labels on how I run my games. I change things up depending on system, style, players and other factors. I try to do what’s best for the game. Usually I succeed, but sometimes I fail. Just part of being human, right?