Friday Five: 2011-09-23

The Most Dangerous Site in Gaming

I’ve been using the PRD for a while for our games, and I haven’t a clue why I haven’t linked to it before…. Ah well, I’m linking to the blog post that tells all about it. If you’re a Pathfinder player or GM, you really need to check out the Pathfinder Reference Document.

Old School Module Name Generator

I love this post because of the name generator tables that are included. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s elegant in its simplicity. Go check it out!

Why Are We Doing This?

Why do we role play? For me, it’s to get a sense of the fantastic, to accomplish things that I never can in real life, to escape my real life for a few hours a week, to hang out with friends and to enjoy myself. It’s that last one that is most important to me. I’m not sure why it’s at the end of the list as if it’s an afterthought. There are so many reasons for gaming. What’s yours?

Redesigning an Adventure

Having a party raid, fail, return and raid a single location again is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. How do GMs have their NPCs react to this kind of thing? Well, it all depends on the situation as to what a GM should do. For a breakdown of what a GM did do, check out the post. It’s a good one.

Say What? – Languages in D&D

Languages are always key for me in my role playing. It doesn’t matter if I’m a player or a GM. I always bring languages into the core of the adventure. When I first started running games for my current group, they weren’t expecting it, so I allowed them to retcon their characters a bit to add in some languages that they didn’t think they would need. Now, they know that choosing those “free starter” languages and taking a few extra on top are vital to their smooth success in an adventure.