Friday Five: 2011-10-07

Review: The Ruins of Undermountain

Ruins of Undermountain is one of my favorite box sets of all time and at the top of my list for megadungeons. This is a pretty good review of the box set, but doesn’t quite cover everything about the sandbox. I think it was done on purpose to prevent giving away spoilers. I highly recommend the review, and if it tickles your fancy to go out and buy the box, good luck finding it!

Enabling Player Fun – Changes After Character Creation

I always allow my players three sessions before their characters are “locked in” and considered stable. This allows minor tweaks or wholesale replacement of characters if it’s discovered that the character doesn’t mesh well with the party, game style, story line or campaign setting. After this third session, I rarely allow replacement of skills/feats/powers/spells/whatevers unless a new book comes out that allows for logical changes within the character. If a player ends up being totally dissatisfied with their character, I will allow them to retire the character and replace it with something more along the lines of what they want, but there is usually an XP, power level, character point or some other cost to it.

Waiting for the New Character: How Long is too Long?

I’m in this boat right now! I’m the player in our Pathfinder game with a dead character and no immediate way to bring him back to life. Our druid can reincarnate me “tomorrow” but there are two issues. We’re in the middle of raiding the ogre fortress and this could take several sessions to resolve. We also don’t have the 1,000 GP of essential oils necessary for the reincarnation ritual. Not sure of the GM is going to be nice enough to allow us to find such a thing as part of our loot or not. While I love my character, it was may fault for squaring off against two ogres and an ogre barbarian. It was the dice’s fault, too since a critical roll was done by the ogre barbarian. We rolled on our homebrewed critical hit chart the resulted in my instant death. *sigh* As a player and fellow GM, I can see bringing me back into the game sooner rather than later, but as someone who’s a realist, I hope that the GM “allows” me to stay dead for a reasonable period of time… at least until the druid in the group can acquire the required material components.

Testing Balanced Dice Power

Ahh… The math geek in me reveled over this post. It’s a fantastic breakdown of testing dice, the math behind things, some Java (ugh) code and all sorts of goodies that get my juices flowing. I loved this post and had to share it!

how my players rewrote my pantheon without me doing anything

This is a great example of player-created content within a GM’s world and how the GM rolled with it. There is no better gaming than collusion between everyone at the table to come up with something wonderful like this. I love it, too!