Friday Five: 2011-10-21

7 Tips For Running an All-Zombie Campaign

With Halloween coming up all sorts of nasties will be walking our streets (for one night, as least,) and among them will be zombies. How about folks get together to play an all-zombie campaign? Sounds like a blast for a one-nighter or a short-term game. Heck, if done right, it would even work for a longer stretch. Need some tips on how to do this? How about seven of them?

The Old One-Armed Man’s Monster Guide

This pictoral guide is a fantastic representation of what people should (and, more importantly, should not) go up against when considering the whole fight or flight question. Well done!

Law, Disorder, and Player Characters

This is a fantastic post because it bring some seriously need realism into the world of magic. It’s a rather lengthy post, but it’s well worth the time you’ll spend reading it!

Character Concepts: The old hero…

This is a great idea! I just might give a concept similar to this one a swing for my next character. I’ve played the young, the forever young (magical curse, not glittery vampirism,) the “fresh recruit” and more things along those lines, but never the old geezer that’s past his prime and yearning to regain it.

DF: Stuff I learned from my PCs

This is a wonderful example of allowing the players at the table to form the world around them within the bounds the GM is willing to allow. I love seeing stories like this about actions and activities around the gaming table. It makes me proud to be a role player when I see this type of cooperation.