Technoir, Baby!!!

My goodies from Jeremy Keller and his Technoir RPG that he found funding for on Kickstarter came in the mail today. As soon as I saw the tightly-packed mailer, I knew what it was without even seeing the label first. I could barely get in the house before I ripped it open with my teeth. I was extremely pleased to find a great-looking t-shirt (pictures of that coming later) a ton (36!) of white, red and black dice, four player’s guides, four character sheets, two transmissions (Hong Kong and Twin Cities Metroplex) and (last, but not least) the Technoir book itself. You can see to the right the photo of the stuff. I’m sorry it’s grainy. I’m too upbeat to track down my normal camera, so I just used my cell phone for this picture. You can click the picture to get a larger view of the goodies.

I’ve only had my hands on these goods for about 30 minutes, so I haven’t had a chance to really dig into anything yet. I can’t wait to do so! I might actually abort my reading of Arcanis in favor of Technoir. Sorry Arcanis, but the cyberpunk genre is my favorite to read/play/write, so that’s the motivation. I’m loving what I’m finding in Arcanis, but that’s a post for another day.

I’m also very pleased that Jeremy found the time to sign the main book and leave me a note. The note says, “Sometimes you have to get HURT to get ahead.” What a great quote for kicking off a cyberpunk game!

If you can’t tell, I’m really jazzed about the newly arrived materials and I’m so glad that Jeremy found the funding that he needed to get his project off the ground.

Congratulations Jeremy on a great run so far, and I hope to see more stuff from you. From the freebies that I’ve downloaded, I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy consuming (Nom! Nom! Nom!) the book and playing the game.