Friday Five: 2011-11-11

Masterwork Weapons

This post poses a great question that goes along the lines of “What if a weapon’s trait was the ‘mere’ fact that it was magical?” What if a magical weapon was nothing more than “magical” and had no other bonuses or powers beyond those inherent in being a creation of magic? It’s great food for thought for any GM and anyone, including me, designing a game. Great post!

Martin’s Mentions: Worldbuilding, Mapping Software, wikidPad, Scrivener, and More

Need a collection of electronic tools to keep your stuff straight? Look no further than this great list!

Where Did the Dungeons Come From?

There are many reasons folks dig huge holes in the ground and then abandon them. Need some of those reasons? Click the link!

The Architect DM: On Modern and Futuristic Settings

Much (too much?) has been spoken on how to build out fantasy setting items, but not much attention has been paid to modern and futuristic settings. Sure, we all live in the real world (mostly,) so advice on how to create the real world seems, well, superfluous. However, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration. To see what those things are, follow the link.

Do Character Powers Define Role-Play?

Yes and no. I had chosen to play a womanizing, highly-charismatic rogue once. We created our characters in the usual fashion (this was D&D 3.0 at the time) and then the GM threw in a twist. She tossed out, “You can remain first level, or you can take three more levels in a different class and never return to your original class. If you ever return to your original class, you’ll become an NPC.” Wow. What a twist! I loved it! In this case, I had the right stats (with a charisma higher than my dex and a decent con) to become a paladin. I came up with this wonderful back story on how I ended up moving away from my roguish ways and became a paladin. However, I still wanted to pay “special” attention to the ladies, so I decided that one of my churchly vows would be to put every woman I met on a pedestal and treat them as if they were a goddess. It worked. It worked really well, and I loved it. That was a fun character to play. Did my powers dictate my role playing? To a small extent, yes, but I still kept the “pay attention to the ladies” aspect of my character.