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Wow. Have a little holiday like Thanksgiving and the whole schedule gets blown. I’ve been so damn busy with things lately that I’ve totally forgotten about the really great blog posts that I’ve bookmarked. I intended to get these up last Friday and do 10 posts, but an extra post slipped in and then upgrading the server hosting this site (and others, too) took up most of my Friday. The next thing I know it’s Monday, and I haven’t posted in almost three weeks. Anyway… here are the links and my comments from the past two weeks:

Building a Mystery: Challenge the Characters

Want to run a good mystery-themed session and/or campaign? Good. They’re tough to run, and I’ve rarely seen one done well because the GM always thought we had some power/skill/ability/feat/talent/whatever that was vital to solving the mystery… and the entire group was devoid of said item. Ugh. What happened there? Lack of proper preparation! What preparation is necessary? Read on to find out!

Running the Game III: Rules and Combat

How do you run combat scenes? There’s lots involved there! Need a checklist of how to run a combat and what to prep for? Follow the link.

Character Poisoning

I had to link to this article for one phrase and one phrase alone, “Premature Imagination.” That sums up this post quite well. What the heck does that mean? Well, follow the link to see what Runeslinger has to say on the matter!

10 Adventure Hooks Found in the Library

Most hooks are found in the bar, some back alley or even a signboard. There are rumors, theories, maps with and ‘X’ on them and more. A great place for adventurers to get hooked into an adventure is the library. There’s so much to discover and unveil between the pages, on the scrolls and within the volumes found in the stacks. There are ten great hooks found in the post and many more can be derived from what you’ll find there.

It’s a Trap!

I love this post because it describes how traps used to be (which is the way I personally like it) and how they are now (which feels watered-down to me now.) For those folks trying to feel out the differences between the two methodologies, I’d highly recommend following the link.

How to Plot A Novel/Campaign in 5 Steps

As a role player, GM and novelist, the title of this post hooked me in immediately. I’ve read the whole thing several times, and I love what Callin has to say. Having said this, keep in mind that this is not the only approach at plotting. There are more ways than I can count, and I’m still discovering more. If you want another tool in your toolbox, follow the link and see what he has to say.

So You Want to Write RPGs

I have my own RPG (yeah, yeah, who doesn’t these days?) that I created back in the early 1990s. I’d love to polish it up and get it published. Is that realistic? Absolutely! Will I get rich off of my efforts? As this post outlines, probably not. However, the satisfaction of seeing my name on something that people are willing to shell out their hard-earned money for will make me giddy. Despite the bleak picture that Peter paints, I’m still going for it!

How Observation Changes Characters’ Behaviour

This is a fantastic post because of the twist that is involved. I’m not going to spoil it because Ameron sets it up and describes things so well. It’s good stuff. Check it out.

Old Testament Gaming

I love this comic, but not the use of Pathfinder as “Old Testament.” Don’t get me wrong. Pathfinder is a fantastic game, but it’s not “Old,” nor is it “Testament.” It’s a good message that would be great if a D&D Red Box were involved in the comic.

Family Feuds

Need to come up with a quick family with enough details to get you started on your creative endeavors? Check out this post and the charts that are included. Good stuff!

Back To Basics: Campaign Structures

Ok. Back to the GM and novelist angle again. This lengthy and complex post about plotting multiple arcs against one another while keeping it all straight falls square in the middle of the fantastic range for me. If you’re plotting a book or a twisted, multi-layered campaign arc… check out Mike’s post over at Campaign Mastery. Take your time. Read it several times. Absorb it. Learn it. Love it. It’s that damn good!

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