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Wow. Welcome to the Dungeon’s Master edition of Friday Five. Three of the Five links this week are from this wonderful site. They had some wonderful content this week, so I couldn’t help but link to it!

Gaming in Silence

I’ve read short stories where people lacked a sense (usually sight) and they worked very well. I’ve also read short stories about people that couldn’t communicate (for a variety of reason) with their surrounding peers/environment. While this is a decent idea for a challenge, I don’t think it would work very well as a full-time concept for a character. The game is too verbally interactive to just cut someone’s legs out from under them like that. However, this blog post goes deeper than, “You can’t talk.” Quite a bit deeper. There are some great ideas in there, and I’ve used a few of them in the past (and had a few used on me) and they usually work well. Drop a click on the link and see what I mean.

Too Busy Looking at the Map to Notice the Monster

I primarily linked to this post for the first of the three charts at the bottom. The other two charts are fantastic, but the first one really got my juices flowing. Players will claim that their characters are ever vigilant during their 8 hour march through the boring countryside. I always call bullshit when someone declares that. There’s no way a person can stay focused on one thing (especially if it’s boring) for a solid 8 hours. There are going to be gaps in concentration for even the most guarded and experienced scout. Great work, Beedo!

Games that I’d like to give another chance

This is a great list of largely abandoned games or ones that have a really small niche market these days. If you’re looking for some alternatives to what you’re currently playing, I’d suggest checking out Tim’s list. Having said that, I’d advise you to avoid World of Synnibarr. It’s just too far out there, but that’s only my opinion on the matter.

Nationality and Character Backgrounds

I’ve always wanted to add this to my RPG, but once I saw it done in Arcanis (which I’m still muddling through,) I decided this was a bad idea. Why? It requires players that are learning a new system to also be intimately familiar with the new world they are being thrust into. This is something I would add on as optional rules or do it in a world the players are already familiar with to reduce the learning curve of the character creation system. It’s a great idea for tying people to a part of the world and to give them a sense of belonging, but it’s really hard to implement properly.

No New Magic Items

Wow. No new magic items. The Ye Olde Long Sword +1 Factory has shut down and people must make do with what they have on hand. That’s a grand idea for a campaign. I don’t know if it would work in a world setting for multiple campaigns, but for a single one… yeah, I could go for that as a player or a GM. Of course, it goes deeper than that. I’m not going to steal Ameron’s thunder. Go follow the link for more details!

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  1. Ameron Dec 12,2011 11:13 AM

    Wow, I’m impressed (and a little flattered) that 3 of the 5 articles you listed this week were from our site. I’m glad you enjoyed these and certainly appreciate the love.

  2. Hungry Dec 12,2011 12:20 PM

    You guys do some great work over at Dungeon’s Master. Keep it up! Love your blog.

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