Friday Five: 2011-12-16

How to run a One Shot Session

Have a one shot that you want to run? Maybe it’s a new game. Maybe it’s a new world. Maybe it’s just an experiment with something to see if it resonates with your group. Whatever your motivation, check out the link above for some hints and tips on how to go about making the one shot session a success!

Don’t Waste My Time: Tips for Keeping Your Games Moving

There are a plethora of posts on this topic, and I think I’ve linked to no less than three of them in the past. However, this is such a pet peeve of mine that I will almost always link to good advice on how to keep the game going. Nothing aggravates me more than when a fellow player’s turn comes around and they start looking at the board for their next most at that time. Every player should be engaged in what is going on in the game (unless their character is absent for some reason) and have a plan of action ready. When I’m a player, I always volunteer to take the load of tracking initiative off of the GM’s shoulders. When I’m allowed to do this, I always tell people, “You’re on deck.” to let them know that they should start thinking about what they’re going to do. It really helps. For more tips in speeding up a game, check the link.

99 rites of fairy creatures

I love this post! It brings out the Old World feel of the fae that I think is missing in modern games, genres, shows, stories and more. There are many different ways to capture a member of the fae courts, and this list is a great one to pick from.

How to write a free RPG – Prologue
How to write a free RPG – Chapter 1: Inspiration

These two links together and as Rob posts more of these, I’ll link to them. Even though the title includes the word “free” in them, there is great advice for folks like me that hope to get paid for their efforts in the role playing publishing arena.

The Artifact Rant

Hear! Hear! Way to go Beedo! This post accurately sums up my feelings on artifacts as well. Magic items may become mundane objects of power in the game, but artifacts are those things that are game changers. They greatly affect the story, plot, outcome and course of a campaign. There’s no way they can’t. While on this topic, I think our Pathfinder group just came across an artifact. We’re not sure yet. I’m eager to get the holidays over with, so we can return to gaming in January and discover the potential and powers of the mysterious stone we rescued from a stone giant’s hands. It’s going to be a good time, I’m sure of it! If it is an artifact, it damn well better be a game changer, or I’m going to poo-poo all over Paizo’s message boards about how wimpy their artifacts are. 🙂