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Last week, I dropped a cool $400.00 on the Paizo/WizKids pre-painted miniatures. I picked up a case, a brick and 10 standard boosters. They arrived today, and I quickly went to unboxing them, sorting them and checking them out before my son woke up from his nap to “help” me. A four-year-old can only offer so much help. I wasn’t successful in getting them all put away before he woke up, but that was okay. He started picking them up (quite gently I might add) and inspecting each one. I think the “venomous snake” (it’s bright red) was his favorite because he played with that one the longest. I think the assortment of goblins I picked up are my favorite. They’re just so cute (in a menacing sort of way.) All-in-all, I managed to unbox, sort and put 115 new miniatures into my new fishing tackle box/bag with plenty of room to spare for future growth. I even took out the two miniature boxes that were currently working for me, and unpacked them, sorted them and put them away into the new fishing tackle box/bag thing I picked up at the local store’s sporting goods section.

One of the side pouches of the tackle box/bag thing even had enough room for my cardboard chits and markers for the various critters that I’ve bought in the past. Yeah. Now I have one more thing to carry to the game, but that’s okay. It’s going to be well worth it for the variety of PCs, NPCs, monsters and other stuff that goes into the new tackle box/bag thing.

I want to shout out to Bill at this point and thank him for suggesting a tackle box. I was looking at a variety of boxes and such designed specifically for carrying armies for the war-gamers and miniatures for the role-players. I was able to fit all of my goodies into one container for the low price of $29 instead of dropping $50 on something that may or may not have worked.

Feel free to click the images embedded in this post to embiggen them. The last one is especially cool, but the third one is the one I could barely take. I cracked open one of the bricks and found the little boxes inside. I could barely contain myself long enough to take the photo. I wanted to dig in and figure out what I had! I managed to snap the shot with little shaking of the hands and get it emailed to me from my cell phone before I dove into the box.

The quality of the miniatures is top-notch and the paint jobs (for being mass-produced) are excellent. I’m really thrilled with what I have. My next quest will be to figure out what numbers I have and don’t have, so I can build a complete set of 40. I figure out of 115 miniatures, I’m bound to have at least one of each! Right? Man, I hope so.

Here’s the shot of my new “army” of miniatures….

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  1. Hungry Feb 8,2012 1:04 PM

    Update: I just went through all of the Paizo/WizKids minis and I got lucky enough to collect at least one of each of the 40 from this initial release! I only have one of some of the rare ones, but I have multiples of many of the commons, uncommons and even some of the rares! I’m a very happy gamer at this!

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