Friday Five: 2012-03-09

I actually had time to read, think about, save bookmarks for, and write about the Friday Five this week! From the collection of links that I chose to save for this day of the week, it looks like this is a Gnome Stew Edition of the Friday Five! Three of the five links point to their site. Good job!

Your Players Know You’re Not God

The GM can’t know everything. Just not possible. Even if it’s a made up world with made up rules and made up magic and made up races and made up physics. There are still things that the GM will need help on. That’s when running and adjudicating the game turns into a team effort. The players need to pitch in and help out where they can.

Hot Button: Equipping Characters

What gear is your character carrying? Is it explicitly listed on your sheet? How much did it cost you? Did you worry about marking off that copper piece for the chunk of chalk that you’re carrying around? Does the GM just assume you have common adventuring items on you? Lots to think about there. More to read about, too. Go check out the post over at Gnome Stew.

Approaching the Megadungeon

Need seven easy steps to follow for developing a megadungeon? Click the link and read more! Nuf. Sed.

The 1-2-3 One-Shot Framework

Need to run a one-shot game? This is a pretty good (okay, it’s a great) framework to follow for developing a one-shot. No one wants to spend more than a night or two prepping for a game that’s just supposed to last a few hours. The guidance at this post will help reduce the clutter and allow you to focus on what’s important.

PvP: Not Paying Attention Chart

HAhahahahahaaha…. While I’d never use this chart in a real game, I think this is hilarious! What a great random table to roll on. The part that really got me laughing until I almost peed a little was the addendum just below the chart. Good stuff!