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Another Friday Five! Let’s get to it! (I’m exhausted after a long day of bug hunting in ancient code, so the comments will be brief.)

Encounter-Ending Powers are a Good Thing!

Amen! Nuf. Sed.

The Juror NPC

I like this idea. I’ve snuck in a few things that are similar to this concept here and there, but never really put much thought into it. The key here is to not over-do it. If you do, you’ll strip your players of their powers-to-decide and make them feel railroaded.

Thoughts from a New Year, New Campaign: Have a Homogeneous Party

I’ve done this with a full party of thieves. I required that the players dual-class as a thief/something or play a straight thief. It worked like a charm! We had a blast in Lankhmar for a bit over a year.

Sugar, Spice, and a touch of Rhubarb: That’s what little names are made of

What’s in a name? Quite a bit actually. This is a rather lengthy post, but it’s wonderfully put together. Names have power. They come with preconceived connotations in many cases. There are also implications in names as well. Don’t fret over them too much, but do put some thought into naming your NPCs. This is especially true if they are a recurring person in the game.

[Friday Map] Dungeon Map of Hasibur’s Tomb

This map is really sweet! I love the little tid-bits of artwork that are dropped into the “empty space” between the tunnels and rooms. The skull really caught my eye. Can you find the bag o’ gold? Took me a little bit to find it because it’s so subtle, but it’s well done! Good work, Dyson!

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