Friday Five: 2012-03-23 1

It’s late. I’m tired. No commentary this time around. Sorry, Folks.

TSR Era D&D vs WOTC Era D&D: Differences in Acceptable Play Style
The Other Senses
How a Blind Player Improved Our Game
What assumptions do you make for PC actions?
How To Solve the Cold Dice Problem
Time Bandits vs Monsters
Stocking the Dungeon

PS: I just had to link to the Time Bandits post. That’s my favorite movie of all time! Yes. I’m serious. Stop laughing. Hey! Stop laughing. Okay. Okay. Laugh all you want. It’s still may fav………

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  1. Hungry Mar 23,2012 9:58 PM

    PS: I know I can’t count either. I just snagged and posted all of my bookmarked links this go around without filtering out a top five to talk about.

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