Friday Five: 2012-03-30

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Five. This time with my comments!

This Game Starts At Level Three…

What? Huh? Are we (*ahem* read: WotC) going to coddle newbie gamers so much that we won’t “pile on” the new abilities everyone gets at first level until level three? What happens when a newbie player gets up to an iconic level that grants them new powers? I’m mainly thinking of 5th level wizards and suddenly getting access to all those awesome 3rd level spells! Yeah, I’ve started out parties at 3rd level (even as high as 5th level) because I wanted to start deeper into the power curve for more advanced challenges and critters. I’m not sure this is a great idea, though. It’s going to bore the experienced gamers and not challenge the newbies.

A Simple Primer On Converting Between Systems

Ever had a module or adventure for one system that was a perfect fit for your current game, only the game systems didn’t merge well? Need some advice on approaching the conversion of one system (any system!) to another? Then clicky the linky and see what Mr. Arcadian has to say!

Dividing Treasure

There are many different ways to decide who gets what when splitting up treasure. The coins, artwork (does anyone use these anymore in their game?), gems and other obvious valuables are easy to split. When it comes to magic items, the strife begins. There are loads of approaches, and they’re all well detailed by Ameron over at Dungeon’s Master. Go have a look. BTW: For what it’s worth, we tried the method of “cashing out” all magic items and having the PCs that wanted an item “buy” the item from the group, but the accounting paperwork required to get such a thing accomplished fairly was insane. I don’t recommend this method unless you’re in some sort of tournament play.

The Art of Wonder

Need to set the mood? Need to enhance your players’ sense of wonderment in the game? Need some tips on this? Follow the link!

How Do You Handle Missing Players in Your Game Sessions?

Mr. Tenkar asks a good question here. We usually carry on if one or two people are missing. If it’s more than that, then we drop the game for the week and get together for some Munchkin, Arhkam Horror, Dominion or some other random card/board game I’ve drug along with me. If it’s just going to be 2-3 of us at the table, we’ll usually call off the entire session and just do our own thing for game night. When this happens, I make sure to spend a few hours working on my own RPG that I’ve had under my hat for a while.