Friday Five: 2012-04-06

You Know You Were an 80s Gamer if…

Bwahahahaha…. This is a hilarious trip down memory lane. Love it!

Musing: Campaign Genre Affecting Combat Frequency

How often does your party get into a fight? What genre are you playing? Maybe they’re related!

What’s on the Guard Monster’s Mind

Ever wonder what that orc is doing right before the party kicks in the door and attempts to kill him? Now you know with this handy Dungeon Dozen!

Is Your Lucky Die Fair?

Ever wonder if your die is rolling “right?” By right, I don’t mean all 20s. I mean fairly and evenly across the spectrum of random numbers it’s designed to generate. Only one way to know! Take the chi^2 test!

Minis vs. Monster Manuals

Ever adjusted monster stats based off of the mini you had on hand? I’ll admit that I’ve never done it before, but I just might start! I usually take the monster as written, and then grab the mini that most closely matches the critter. It usually works, but I can see how plopping down a Bad Guy and telling the party, “What you see is what you get.” may go a long way into the suspension of disbelief. Good advice behind the link!