300th Post 3

This is my 300th post here. During the long trip down this road, I’ve done quite a variety of things with this blog. The only long-standing item has really been the Free RPG Day reviews and the Friday Five.

I want to do more.

But I’m not sure what.

I know I’d love to review more full RPG offerings beyond just the booklets and such given away every year.

But I’m not sure what.

Maybe I should start pulling the older RPGs off my many shelves of role playing materials? Maybe I should dig through my gigs and gigs of PDFs (all legal, mind you) and review those? I enjoy doing reviews and it allows me to look at the books in a different light.

I’m going to open up the comments here and ask a question: What do you want me to do with this blog?

Every answer is legitimate. I’ll even take comments along the lines of, “Shut it down.” as well. While I don’t want to shutter this site, I’m cool with doing that if no one really reads what I have to say here. My content hasn’t been the greatest or more glorious or most insightful to gaming. I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get a single comment on this post. Just sayin’.

Now time to ponder what I’ll do with the next 300 posts (if there are any.)

Thanks for being with me on this long and strange ride. It’s been almost 3 years. I’ve had fun. Have you?

3 thoughts on “300th Post

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  2. Mike Bourke May 5,2012 1:37 AM

    Well, we can’t have that! Thanks for the mentions in the Friday Five every now and then, I appreciate the support.

    My take: anyone can write reviews, and there are some excellent ones out there that do just that. You need to find something unique, something that no-one else is doing, and something that you find interesting and fun to do as well – then make that your own.

    In my most recent article at Campaign Mastery (about adventure names) I showed that I had linked two free adventures from two different publishers into the one campaign. That’s territory that no-one else has staked out – taking two modules and creating whatever is needed to bridge and unite the two into an interesting mega-adventure – then posting that. This might not be your shtikh, but it would certainly have me coming back regularly – and probably inflating your sales commission figures at the same time.

    Best of luck until the next big anniversary – 400’s a bit so-so, but 500 is a biggie, and it’s only a few years away!

  3. Hungry May 8,2012 10:28 AM

    Thanks for the encouragement and advice, Mike! I really appreciate it. I’m glad to give shout outs to your blog as well. You guys do some excellent work!

    I may see what I can do to find a niche. We’ll see what happens in the near future with my time schedule.

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