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I know there’s six links here. Two of them go together as will be explained in more detail shortly.

Other Travelers in the Wilderness Caravan

I love the ideas presented in this list. Great flavor. Good hooks. All around a great Dungeon Dozen.

Medieval levies and revenues for fantasy RPGs

Do your PCs pay taxes or get involved in levying an army? Maybe they should if they’re powerful enough. This post is a good kick start to those ideas and concepts. Good work, Rob!

The Age Of An Elf: Demographics of the long-lived

I’ll admit that I’ve not put much thought into the demographics of those folks that live different lifespans from the Human race. This post is certainly food for thought for my game, my world, and my role playing in general. Good stuff here.

The Fun of Being Ignorant
The Curse of the Lazy GM

Here’s the two-fer! These posts (from the same blog) play off of each other like two sides of a coin. One is about how much a player should know about the meta-aspects of the world/game/environment. The other is how much the GM should know about the same matters. My take? So long as someone at the table knows what’s going on, it’s all good. Yeah, that someone should be the GM, but it could be a helpful player. My only caveats are that the player shouldn’t be an ass, lord his/her knowledge over the rest of the people at the table, or misuse the information they have their head to gain an advantage his/her character wouldn’t normally have.

β€œWhat’s My Motivation?” – Alignment

Are you a method actor? No? Well, this post still might help you (especially if you’re a GM) play different aspects of the (A)D&D alignment system. Enjoy the ideas from Dungeon Mastering!

PS: No comments on my 300th post makes Hungry a sad role player. πŸ™

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  1. Mike Bourke May 5,2012 1:39 AM

    Thanks for the shoutout, Hungry. Glad you found my ruminations on the subject worth reading.

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