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It’s a Dirty Job … [Random Jobs]

This is a great list of random “jobs” that a person could partake in for the short-term to raise a few extra copper. Good stuff here. The reason I toss “job” in quotes is that during the time period that most fantasy games represent, there were no “jobs.” People just were. If you tossed out the question, “What do you do for a living?” you would most likely receive an answer along the lines of “I am a farmer.” It’s not a job. It’s a definition of being, not a way to earn coin. Either way, I still like this for the down-and-out PCs that may need something to do to kill their time.

It’s Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught: Game Fraud and Counter-Fraud in RPGs

I hate cheating. It’s aggravates me. Pisses me off, really. I punish players that I catch cheating, but I do it in subtle ways. I “counter-cheat” and make life harder on them. Maybe the monster they’re fighting never misses. Maybe the monster does a little more damage. Maybe the skill checks they’re trying to perform are a little harder. Either way, I make life harder on the player that cheats. I rarely kill their character directly. That’s just the easy way out. Someone that is a chronic cheater gets booted from the game in front of the entire group… usually mid-session. Just to embarrass the hell out of the guy. I gotta say, though. It’s been decades since I’ve had to invoke this kind of justice on people. Oh. BTW: This article isn’t about players cheating. It’s about characters cheating at in-game challenges or gambling. Just wanted to clarify that because I went off on a side tangent.

Epic Baking: Profession and Other “Useless” Skills

Every character I create has a craft (or similar) skill that I can fall back on during downtime to earn a few extra coin. I’m not sure why I do this. It’s just ingrained in me that my characters need something to do beyond kill orcs and scoop up loot. Do these crafting skills come up during the game? Usually, but that’s because I bring them up. I mention (usually several times) to the GM that I am using the skill to garner some extra wages during downtime. A good GM will find a way to work it into the game.

Analyzing Gencon 2012

This is a great graphical analysis of the games being played at GenCon. I’m wondering what the difference between “D&D” and “Dungeons & Dragons” is, though. I’m very happy to see GURPS on the list. I’m especially happy to see Pathfinder dominating the gaming tables. It’s awesome!

Dungeon Kickstarters

This is a great riff on the website! I love it! No, I’m not bashing Kickstarter one little bit. I think it’s a great idea and a wonderful place for indie/small publishers to get word out and support for their products.

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