New Review Started: GURPS Blood Types

I’ve decided to start reviewing more gaming material here on the blog. Don’t worry, the Friday Five reviews of blog posts will still continue, but I’ll trickle in game reviews as I get them done. I don’t have a schedule or deadline setup for myself just yet. You’ll get them as I get them done.

I have eight shelves of RPG material (this is not counting the plethora of RPG material I have in PDF format.) I wasn’t sure what I wanted to review, so I rolled a d8 to pick a shelf. It happened to be my GURPS shelf. I have a good chunk of GURPS 3e and all of the hardbacks for GURPS 4e on that shelf. I rolled an even/odd die to see which version to review. It landed on the GURPS 3e stack, so I counted up the books. I have 27 in all (I really thought I had more.) Rolling my handy d30 landed with a number one.

That pointed me to the top book on the stack: GURPS Blood Types.

So… I’ll be reviewing that book over the course of the next week or so. It’s a 128 page book (counting indexes and such) so I think it’ll take me a week or two to really go over the book well enough to review it. This is one of my odd GURPS books in that I own it, but I’ve rarely used it in game. If memory serves, one of my good friends (Craig) gave me the book because he somehow ended up with a spare copy.

Time for me to stop babbling about the selection process and the history of how I got the book. Time to start flipping through the pages to see what I can find!