Friday Five: 2012-05-25

The big news of the week is, obviously, the release of the open playtest for D&D Next. I’ve already (briefly) commented on my general thoughts of the playtest material. I’m not going to rehash my thoughts here because it’s time for the Friday Five! Read on, click through, and enjoy what I’ve found this week!

Real World “Dungeon” Cross-Sections

This post really got me thinking about how to display multi-level dungeons. I’ve seen the Ravenloft-style maps, which really lose me and are damn near impossible to draw out mid-game. Having the side view along with the top-down view helps put things into perspective. It’s often hard for the GM (and players!) to visualize how far down they’ve gone in a particular dungeon. These side views really help with that.

Choosing a defensible camp site for your D&D party

Always getting ambushed in the middle of the night? Perhaps it’s because you’ve never chosen the proper place to setup camp. Perhaps you just have made yourself an easy target? Either way, this post goes into great detail on how to setup a formidable camp site that may not be immune from attack, but it’ll certainly make your defensive efforts easier.

The Persistent Setting

How have past groups affected a location, area or the world at large? If they don’t, then maybe you need to rethink how your locations/areas/world works. I couldn’t imagine ignoring past encounters or transgressions by the party to leave the areas untouched. Just as a man crossing a river changes that river (however small) the next man to cross won’t have the same experience.

Hold On Loosely, But Don’t Let Go

Need some advice on running planned-yet-imrpoved games? Yeah. I think we all do. Check the link for more!

Enemies of the City-state Currently at Large

Need an enemy of the state to take stage and affect the party’s plans in some manner? Then what are you waiting for? Go hit the Dungeon Dozen and see what your lonely d12 can tell you!