Game Review: D&D Next Playtest 1

I just finished with last of the PDFs that came in the ZIP file from WotC. I’ve read through all of them twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

My reaction?


I probably won’t be running/playing the playtest materials. I’m not sure my group would go for the game. If we’re going to walk away from Pathfinder (not likely) for another fantasy-based RPG, it’ll most likely be AD&D 1e or (big maybe) AD&D 2e. D&D Next brings back some things that were missing from 4e (true alignments!) and some nifty spellcasting options. I just don’t see it being the next great thing in RPGs.

The material is not all that bad, but it doesn’t seem to properly reflect all of the effort that has been put into the game thus far.

Grade: C+

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