Upcoming Review: Birthright Campaign Setting Box Set

I pulled out my dice again and aimed them at the various shelves of RPG material awaiting reading/review. They landed on my Birthright Campaign Setting Box Set. The box contains all of the original materials along with two books I’d forgotten about. At some point I had picked up the Roesone and Endier domain sourcebooks as well. Instead of review all of the contents of the box, I rolled some more dice and they decided I would review the original contents of the box rather than the extra books.

There’s quite a bit to be found in the box set, but I think I’m just going to focus on the three books in the box. That includes the Rulebook, Atlas of Cerilia (which I’m really looking forward to), and the Ruins of Empire. From what I’ve gathered thus far, it’s important to read Atlas, then Rulebook, then Ruins. I’ll read and review them in this order. I’ll post my review of each book as I finish it, and add a fourth post to sum up my overall thoughts.

Just to add, I remember running a very brief¬†campaign in this setting/system when it first came out. The campaign flopped. There was just too much for a GM to track without the handy-dandy wikis, databases, spreadsheets and such of today. At least, that’s my recollection of things. I’ll do my best to forget my failure at running the system (or was it the system that failed me? Not sure.) I’ll give you guys an impartial review of the three books of the Birthright box set.