Friday Five: 2012-06-01

Yep. Eight links (nine if you count the embedded one in my last bit of commenting) this week. It was that good of a week for the RPG blogosphere. Some are related, so you’ll see them grouped together. On with my comments for the week!

Otto’s Irresistible Dance

Whatever happened to Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter? Oh. Right. It became Hideous Laughter in some game systems and Uncontrollable Laughter in others. I get that “Tasha” is a copywritten and/or trademarked item, so that name had to change. However, I feel that a game that drops either one of the monikers for the spell does the spell a disadvantage. The spell invokes laughter that is both uncontrollable and hideous at the same time. It’s just a fact of the spell. I feel it deserves its full name. Oh. To the point of the blog post. Seeing an umber hulk dance would be a hilarious thing! I agree with Aaron in that newer incarnations of D&D take themselves way too seriously. It’s a game, folks! There’s supposed to be hilarity and laughter. Not just the hideous, uncontrollable kind!

Recruiting 101 for an RPG villain

How does a villain get all of those henchmen (and hench-orcs and hench-goblins) anyway? There seems to be quite a few! Follow the link to find out more!

D&D Next: (Dis)advantage
D&D Next: The math behind advantages/disadvantages
Finding Probabilities of Odd Die Combos

These three go together. If you somehow tie math into RPGs and make a blog post about it, I’m sure to find it! Both of them make me very happy, and when they are combined as well as these three posts combine them, I squee like a little girl who just got a pony for no reason at all. Yep. I’m that easy to make happy. If you’re not sure how all that “fancy math stuff” works, check out the posts. They explain themselves quite well.

In Defense of Published Adventures

What’s so great about pre-published adventures?!? Turns out to be quite a bit. Follow the link to see what Telas has to say!

Noisms’ Reactivity Spectrum

This is a great hand-drawn line graph about the reactivity spectrum. I feel the sweet spot is right in the middle, if not leaning a little toward the GM being the reactive party. Some of the best games I’ve ever run have been where I, as the GM, sit back and ask the players, “What are you going to do today?” I’ll let them brainstorm and come up with fantastic ideas and then we’ll see how they pan out. The players want to feel that they are in control, and this is a justified feeling. As GM, I’m there to facilitate their adventures, not force a storyline upon them.

Silver Gryphon Games Are Good Guys

The final link for the week is one that I had to link to because someone did something righteous and wonderful. I can’t tell the story any better than Callin did, so please follow the link if you want to read a great story about great people. I personally checked out Silver Gryphon‘s web site and their products because of this post about how great they are to their customers. As soon as next payday hits, I’ll be picking up a few items from their wonderfully priced selection. At the prices they’re offering for their goods, I just can’t pass this stuff up. Plus, I’ll be financially supporting some of the good guys in the RPG industry.