Friday Five: 2012-06-08

This must be TPK (Total Party Kill) week since two of the five links are related to this topic. Wow. May it be many moons before your next TPK! On with the links!

How to Handle a TPK – Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Style

This is an interesting take on keeping the party together in a totally unique situation after a TPK. I love this idea, and will most likely put it to use after the next TPK happens when I’m running the game. May it be a long time before this happens, though.

Holy Freaking Crud – Rome, In All It’s Cartographic Glory

These are some wonderful maps of ancient Rome and its empire! I followed the link to ORBIS (click through to the blog for the link to ORBIS) and found myself wasting spending quite a bit of time researching different aspects of the Roman Empire. Good stuff, there. Thanks for the blog post, Matt!

An Empty Death, An Empty Life: Making PC Death Matter

Huh. Another post about character death, but not about TPKs. This one is about making the death of a character matter to the player. If a player dies because of some random die roll, then it really doesn’t matter much. It steals the breath out of the character (and the player) and really doesn’t do much for the game. Don’t let the percentages of dice take away a life. Allow for great circumstances (and heroic actions!) to take precedence.

Game Currency: There’s More Than Money At Stake

GMs can “cheat.” I don’t mean fudging dice rolls. I mean that if they need a monstrous spider that can also regenerate like a troll, they can do it. They don’t have to “save up” character points, experience points, Heka, action points or the like to pull it off. They just do it. For the players there’s more at stake. They have to earn every little thing they get. If something is just given to them, they don’t value/treasure it as much as if they had earned it. This is true in real life as well as in the game. It’s just human nature. If a particular aspect of the game can’t be earned or is just given away freely, then perhaps that aspect should be removed from the game completely, or simply abstracted away. I’ll stop rambling now and let DNAPhil take over by telling you to follow the link to his post.

Taking a TPK Like a Man

What do you do when your character goes down? What about out? Do you sit quietly at the table? Do you tell other players how to run their characters? Do you fiddle, fidget and mess around causing distractions? Maybe it’s time to roll up the next character, and you bombard the GM with questions about your Next Great Thing while he’s trying to run the combat? Bah. Don’t do any of those! Take it like a man! What happens when the whole party goes down, one-by-one? Do they detract from the situation, or do they cheer on the remaining party members? How you react to the loss of a character (permanent or otherwise) is a great judge of how high of a quality of a player you are.