Friday Five: 2012-06-22

I bookmarked about a dozen links for this week. Here are the five I’m going to feature this week!

Top 5 GM Lessons from Game of Thrones

Why is George R. R. Martin a master of the craft? The answer is for many, many reasons, but here are five that you can use to apply to your games as a GM. Go check them out!

Old School Play, New School Thinking = TPK

Yep. Been there, done that. I’ve been on both sides of the screen with a TPK when the party refuses to recognize the dangers they’re in and retreat. It usually sucks, but it happens. Go check out this story of what happened to the group at the table.

Encounters with Poissons and Exponentials

This is a phenomenal post by Matthew J. Neagley about how to determine how to allow dice and mathematics to determine how many encounters happen and when they happen. Yeah. It’s math heavy. If you’re a math geek (like I am) you’ll enjoy this. If not, it’s explained in a manner that will allow you to understand what’s going on. Read on if you’re interested in this kind of thing!

End Game

Tim of Gothridge Manor has six tips for you GMs out there on the end game of a campaign. They’re great to keep in mind from the start to make sure you reach the right place in the end.

Illusions of Depth: Factions and Teams

Campaigns are so much more interesting when there are groups of NPCs (not just parties, but organizations and factions) involved in the game. Where a party of NPCs may fail, the faction continues on to harass the PCs. How do you form these factions? Follow the link to find out.