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I’m beat. It’s been a long week of evacuations, fires, moving stuff around and trying to work in-between all of this. I’m still here with a Friday Five, though! Sorry if the comments are sparse this week. Like I said… I’m beat.

“The Player Character in the Backpack” or “Dumbass ways to explain a PC absence”

We just hand wave it. When a player is missing, so is their character. Their character collects XP (just to keep things even) but does not collect a share of the party treasure since they really didn’t risk anything. We don’t bother with excuses or reasons as to why the character is missing. It’s just a pain, and any excuse/reason we come up with will so transparent as to be laughable.

Minions: Full Disclosure

I like the idea of adding minions to D&D 4e. It’s one of the better additions to the game. I don’t plan on ever running the system (I’ve been in two short-lived campaigns as a player) but if I did run a game with this concept in it, I would not expose the “minion status” of a monster to the players at all. Let them use their powers, spells, abilities or whatever as they see fit. Facing the unknown and reacting to it is part of the game.

Your Cleric is an Initiate

Hear! Hear! Well stated. I love this post because it puts startup clerics into perspective.

The Law According to Dungeons & Dragons

Muhahahahaha!!! This is hilarious. It’s also spot-on and to the point. Love it!

Go Hard Or Go Home: Graceful Character Aging

This is a great bit of insight into character aging. It’s a bit heavy on the math (which is probably why I linked to it) but the concepts in there are great for any game/campaign designer in which characters might survive to a ripe old age. Good stuff here.

Okay. Maybe the comments weren’t so short after all. 🙂

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  1. Mike Bourke Jun 29,2012 7:29 PM

    Thanks for the link, glad you liked my article on Character Aging.

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