Friday Five: 2012-07-13

Sorry folks. Only four links this week. I didn’t have time to really scour the RSS feeds this week. The RPG blogosphere was rampant with posts, but I only had time to really read maybe a quarter of them since I’m on vacation in Texas this week. Next week is more of the same, so I don’t even know if I’ll get a post in next week.

Anyway, here are the links!

The Things We Do Not Talk About in D&D

How gritty do you want your fantasy? For me, the grittier the better. I once had a player that wanted to play a heroin addict, so we made up a fake fantasy drug with benefits and downsides. There were more downsides than benefits, so it fit the real world effects of doing drugs. We had a hoot with it! In the end, the character overdosed on the drug and died. It was a fitting end to a wonderfully flawed character. There’s more than just drugs that we “must” not talk about. Click the link for more goodness!

Overcomplicating Coins (You’re Welcome!)

I loved this post about coinage and how complicated it can really get. Good stuff here! If you’re a world builder, campaign designer or game creator, I highly recommend this article. Good work, Matt!

Theologies at 30 paces: The Hell of Evil in D&D

Aw, Hell. I just had to link to this well written article because of the great depth it goes into on a topic that we rarely touch upon. Click for more!

London Map updates

I love me some maps. This one incudes a great map of London from 1890. If you’re a cartography geek like me, you owe it to yourself to follow through.

I’ll toss in a fifth link just to round things out, but it’s only slightly related to RPG blogging. The 2012 ENnie nominees have been announced. It’s a good list of people, products, blogs and such. Congrats to everyone that was nominated and may be the best win!