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As the Cleric Turns

This is a great breakdown of possible effects a cleric can have on undead when turning them. Good job!

Critical Hits Tables

My group has used these tables (almost verbatim) for years. I’ve adjusted them a bit over time when we’ve found something not harsh enough, or something a little too harsh. The insta-death options are still in there. I want my players to fear that lone goblin, even if they’re above 3rd level. These types of tables (when they don’t slow down game play too much) are critical (pardon the pun) to increasing the tension of the game.

All Wounds Are Not Alike Part 2: Bone-breaking damage for 3.x

What a great breakdown (damn, there’s another pun) of broken bones and how they can be easily added to a 3.5 game. Of course, the rules and examples used here can be ported to pretty much any game with minimal effort. Enjoy!

Why I Love Saving Throws

I linked to this post because I agree with everything said here. Saving throws are a great mechanic and I hope they stay in the D&D-realm of games for a long, long time. Great post!

I Like My 20-Sider

Monte Cook waxes poetic (and mathematic) on why he loves the d20 and some alternates to that tried and true system. It’s a good post for anyone considering making their own system or math geeks. I’m in both boats, so I really loved this post!


I’ve thrown in a few extra links at the bottom. These maps rock! Yeah, they’re drawn by hand. Yeah, they follow the grid lines. Yeah, they’re rough. But…, they look fun to play. That’s the key. They’re fun-looking maps. They look fun to create. They look fun to run. They look fun to use for something random. They look like it would be fun to be a player exploring them. Isn’t that the point of all of the games we play? To have fun?

Dwarven City of the Black Mountains – Level 1
Dwarven City of the Black Mountains – Level 2
Dwarven City of the Black Mountains – Level 3
Dwarven City of the Black Mountains – Level 4 & 5

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  1. Mike Bourke Aug 4,2012 12:59 AM

    Glad you found my article on broken bones interesting, Hungry! The third and final part of that series is not far away, hope it proves equally amusing.

  2. Hungry Aug 4,2012 11:23 AM

    I can’t wait for the third part of the series. The first two have been great!

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