Watching Wednesday: Armor Class 10

I’m going to give a swing at a new column here. I’m tentatively calling it “Watching Wednesday” to reflect the fact that I’m watching a Kickstarter or indiegogo project that is of interest to me. I won’t back all of the ones I mention. I’d love to, but my funds for this kind of thing are somewhat limited.

This week’s project is’s t-shirt funding project. It’s got 4 days left and is (as I type this) at $8,454 of their $1,500 goal. Yep. It’s funded! There are some great looking t-shirts in that collection. I’m tempted to back this, but I’m saving my cash for a convention that’s happening this weekend in my area. If I spend less than I think I will at the convention, I’ll break open the laptop and get online at the last minute to back this project.

You can find the project on Kickstarter over at this page.