Delayed Friday Five: 2012-10-19 1

Sorry for the delay in posting the Friday Five for last week. I was eyeball deep in authors, readers, fanboys and so much more at Mile Hi Con on Friday. I had hoped to squeeze a post out at the end of the night, but the end of the night for me was sometime in the early morning hours of Saturday and I had to be up early.

Anyway… Here are the links!

Digging Up the Past
Undead of Different Races
Guns! Guns! Guns!
Tenkar’s Minor Magical Tidbits – Dead Man’s Coppers
Survival Horror in D&D

Sorry for the lack of comments for this post. I’m still catching up on Real Life after the con and am scrambling at the moment.

PS: Look for some changes during the upcoming weeks to the site. No, not a new look and feel, but changes to the content. I gleaned some ideas from a panel or two while at Mile Hi Con and will most likely implement them here at the site. I’ll let you know more details as my brain solidifies them.

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