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GURPS and system mastery

Our first link of the week involves how much a GM needs to know about the system at hand. According to Peter, everything. I’m not sure I agree with that. He uses GURPS as his example system. GURPS is fairly heavy on the rules, so it’s really hard for the GM to know everything about every little ability every player brings to the table. Yes, he needs to know the basics and extended rules. When it comes to spells, skills, feats, powers, traits, advantages, disadvantages and the like, the players need to know all of that as deeply as they possibly can, and how all of those things interact with the basic rules. It’s up the GM to ensure the the players are up to speed, though.

An Adventure Into Writing: The Co-GMing Difference

I’ve only been in one game with a co-GM, and in this case I was a player. It worked really well. We had a co-GM because there were fifteen players around the table and some of them had multiple characters! Ouch. One GM would run the storyline and the other GM would step in to assist with running the Bad Guys in the large-scale D&D battles. We all had a good time with it despite the huge numbers at the large table.

Flip That Dungeon Cliche

There are tons of cliches out there for a wide variety of fields. I love this blog post because it gives some seeds to some ideas on how to turn a cliche on its head and surprise the players.

5 Ways to Make Mindless Undead More Interesting

I love undead. I make no secrets about that. I love this post because it delves into how to make them more interesting for both the GM and the players around the table. This is especially true of the advanced players that seem to have every stat for every critter in the bestiary memorized.

5 Reasons Intelligent Undead Became Undead

What motivates someone to become and unliving abomination? Turns out there are quite a few reasons. It’s another great undead blog post by Ameron! Go check this one out as well.

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  1. Chris Oct 29,2012 10:25 AM

    Hi, like your points above – headed over to 5 Reasons Intelligent Undead Became Undead and read that post. What a hoot!

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