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Sorry, but my comments have to be brief this week. My mom’s in town. She and the wife are occupying each other right now, so I have a few minutes to make a post before I get pulled back into being social with the family.

Games resources for Medieval Life

This is a good list of resources for folks attempting to emulate medieval lives and times in their game. Good stuf, here.

Adventure Structure: My Standard Formatting

Written and adventure and need to know how to format it? Mike has shared his tips, tricks and methods with the rest of the world. Go check them out!

Johnny’s Five – Five Really Unique Elements To Add To Your Fantasy Planet

This is a cool list of making things more interesting for your planet. Good stuff here. I like it.

fine tuning your monsters

Making your own monsters or list of monsters? Usually, simpler is better. Click through for more details.

Breaking Down Metal Prices

This is a great post about conversion scales for copper-to-silver-to-gold. What? No platinum? Heh. Well. Tim has a great reason for it. Go check out the post!

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